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Love Hunter Ch. 14
"CHWOE! CHWOE!" I heard a little boy call my name. Then I got pushed onto the couch with the force from a bear hug.
Mommy had just picked me up from pre-school and Jussy always did this. We're very close, I think he's kinda lost without me.
He has blonde hair and blue eyes, we're often mistaken for twins but he's a year younger than me.
"Hello love" Daddy came walking in and kissed Mommy.
"Daddy!" I ran and jumped into Daddy's arms.
"Hi baby" Daddy chuckled.
Mommy picked up Jussy. "Well lovelies, how's a trip to the park sound?"
"Okay, well let's get Chloe changed and then we'll go!"
I ran into my room to get changed when I heard a boom.
I shot awake and my dream was quickly dispersed from my mind. There was something, a little boy...he reminded me of somebody. I just couldn't figure it out.
I walked out of the tent and smelt something delicious.
"Mmm, do I smell bacon?"
"Yup, pull up a log and dig in!" Simon smiled at me.
I grabbed a plate and piled it high with eggs, baco
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Love Hunter Ch. 13
I woke up to the sound of whimpering. It sounded pitiful. Almost like a lost puppy stuck in a crowd of strangers. But it was close. I decided to go see what it was.
I walked out of my tent and the moon was just starting to lower. It looked about 6am.  I heard something behind me. When I whipped around I saw a petite figure. Chloe.
"You heard it too?"
"You should go back to bed, I'll find out what it is."
"Derek, no, I'm not letting you go into the woods alone."
"Chloe, I'll be fine. I can take care of myself. Tell you what, go into your tent and wait for me. When I get back I will tell you what it was. Ok?"
I watched go into her tent and then left.
Not 20 feet into the woods, did I see a yellow paw coming out from under a bush. I walked over, and there was a wolf with blonde fur. When he looked up at me, I saw intelligence in his eyes. His electric blue eyes.
"Shit. Ok, umm. Wait here, I'll be right back with some help."
I ran back to camp and Ch
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Love Hunter Ch. 12
"So I'm on my way to Vancouver Island to find another skin walker. My mom told me about her before she died."  Rafe explained.
"And how do you plan on finding her?" Derek asked.
"Well that's gonna be the hard part. The best idea I've got is become the town player and go through the girls until I find her."
"Of course."
"Anyway.  I'm hoping to find her in a couple months. Then get her out here and find you guys again."
"Well I hope you find her soon. Before her powers begin to interfere with her brain function. Like..." Kit trailed off.
"Ya, while I'm there I'm hoping to maybe find a way to help Annie."  
"It's getting late. We should all go to bed. Rafe you may stay the night."
"Thankyou." He turned to Julia. "See you in the morning, Jube."
"See ya."
I started heading for my tent but then I felt a hand on my elbow. I turned around with a start. I almost screamed but Derek put his warm hand over my mouth.
"Calm down. It's only me."
"Stop sneaking up on
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Love Hunter Ch. 11
When all the hugging was done Derek and I explained what had happened to us.
"I wonder how they found us" Kit muttered.
"I don't know but we might want to leave soon, preferably before we get captured again" I said.
"Ya that sounds like a good idea" Simon said.
"But what about Rafe?" Julia asked.
"We'll come back tomorrow to meet him" Kit replied.
"Wait, who the hell is Rafe?" Derek asked.
"Oh ya, you guys missed a lot while you were gone. Well I'll let Julia explain this one since it's her family" Kit said.
We turned to Julia waiting for her to explain.
"Well, we found out that I'm not just any kind of shape shifter. I had another change and I keep changing into the same thing. Usually a shape shifter will change into something different every time they change. But me, I always turn into a cougar" she explained.
"So what are you?" I asked.
"It's an old species that's supposed to be extinct. It's called Skin Walkers. I have a paw print birth mark on my ankle. I remember my cousins
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Love Hunter Ch. 10
When the long trip was finally over we were about a mile away from the house.
We were all worried sick. Chloe and Derek have been gone for a week and we have no idea where they are. We found out some important stuff about Julia and her family.
We got off the bus and began our walk home.  It was chilly out and I saw Chloe rubbing her arms for heat. I started to walk closer to her to try and keep her warm and suddenly she was walking right beside me.
"You're s-so w-w-warm" she stuttered.
"Ya I'm still running a bit of a fever."
"Well good 'cause I'm freezing."
I wrapped my arm around her to try and keep her warm. Eventually she managed to stop shivering.
When we got to the house we tried to be as quiet as possible but the house is old and not exactly quiet. When the door opened, it squeaked. Loudly.
I heard someone come running downstairs. It was Simon.
"Bro! Chloe! Oh thank god you're both ok!"
"We're fine Simon." Chloe said giving him a hug.
"Well we found out
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You Have My Heart
My name is Chloe Saunders. I'm a necromancer and I'm on the run from the Edison Group. They do experiments on supernaturals to push powers to the limit. I'm travelling with a witch named Tori Enright, a sorcerer named Simon Bae and a werewolf named Derek Souza.
The Edison Group is chasing us right now and we're running for our lives. They caught us while we were sneaking in to get files on the other people they experimented on and to destroy their lab.
We split up to give them a harder time. Simon and Tori were going to get to the exit and lose them in the woods. Derek and I were going to get those files and burn this lab down.
I've been in love with Derek for the past few months. So when I saw a guy with a gun I jumped in front of Derek and felt a piercing pain in my gut which had been right in front of where Derek's heart was.
Derek dropped down beside me to see if I was alright. When he saw my stomach he went bezerk and took down the 3 guys there. He picked me up and ran to where th
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Love Hunter Ch. 9
Derek pushed me into another room and I slipped backward grabbing onto a table before I fell. I heard something fall and looked over. Oh shit! I knocked over a lantern and I smelt gas. This is not good! I looked over at Derek and saw fear in his eyes. Before we could run out the door the fire was already burning in front of it and we both began to look around frantically for an escape rout. Suddenly I felt big strong hands grab hold of me and fling me over the table. Derek jumped over and ran to a boarded up window. The planks of wood were nailed down but he began pulling at them as much as he could. Eventually he got the first plank off but the room was already halfway enveloped in flames and he still had 2 boards left. I was looking around for anything that could help. And then I saw it. A pair of pliers. I ran toward it and reached for it. The only problem was, it was in the flames. But I'd rather burn my arm and stay alive than be burned to death.
"Chloe! What are you doing?!"
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Love Hunter Ch. 8
Great. Trapped. Again. -.- When I woke up I could feel a sedative wearing off and was very groggy. Chloe was laying beside me as close as she could to keep warm. I could smell the other ones but they kept it completely dark so I couldn't see them. I shifted, trying not to wake Chloe but I had to figure out my surroundings. My eyes adjusted and I saw that we were in a cage inside a big room with a big door. Chloe started to stir and her eyes slowly opened.
"Derek? Where are we?"
"I don't know"
They must have heard us because the door opened. I growled and Chloe jumped.
"Well, feisty aren't we?"
I stood up and tried to walk over and get as close to the guy as I could. Maybe I could reach through the bars and get a hold on him so I could beat the crap out of him. But Chloe grabbed my shirt and looked up at me with those big blue, scared, puppy dog eyes. My face immediately softened and I suddenly couldn't go after the guy with Chloe right there. The guy must have noticed because he s
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Love Hunter Ch. 7
After Derek's change, we began to walk, trying to figure out where we were and how to get back to the house. After not being able to find out for two hours, I finally talked Derek into letting me go ask somebody. I saw a nice looking man go by and said,
"Excuse me sir, but could you tell me where I might be? I got a little lost."
"Oh well of course. You're in Winnipeg Manitoba."
Winnipeg!? How the hell are we going to get back across the border?
"Oh thank you!" I called as I was turning around to go meet up with Derek.
"Dammit!" he said when I told him where we were.
"Well it shouldn't be that hard to get abross the border, should it? Just go through the woods."
"No I know how to get back down to the states. But I thought I smelt something. There's another wolf pack around here."
"Oh" my heart gave a tight squeeze, thinking of what could happen to us if we ran into one of the pack.
"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" a voice behind us said.
"Speak of the devils," Derek m
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Love Hunter Ch. 6
I woke up in an iron cell with about 6 padlocks keeping the door shut. They didn't even have the decency to give me a bed. Just a mattress on the floor. There was a bathroom with a toilet and a tap. Hmmm how do I get out of here? Obviously they want me alive or I would already be dead. So they'll have to bring me food eventually. For now I just have to wait.
When I woke up I was laying in a cell. It took me a minute to figure out where I was and then last night's events all came rushing back to me. Oh my gosh! What did they do to Derek? How am I going to get out of here? What do the others think happened? Did they grab them too?
That's when I started hyperventilating and passed out.
I woke up again to a guard shaking me awake. She had a tray of food in her hand.
"Well hello sleeping beauty" she said cheerfully.
I just glared at her and said "What day is it?"
"Tuesday." What?! It was Sunday night when Derek and I went out to the woods!
I took the food and ate a bit, not knowin
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Love Hunter Ch. 5
We went out to the woods behind the house. She seemed nervous.
"D-Derek?"  She stuttered. She is nervous.
"Ummm. When I went downstairs, i-it wasn't because I c-couldn't s-sleep."
"Well then why?"
"I-I had an-nother encount-ter"
"What did the ghost want?"
"He asked for my help. He wanted me to meet him out here."
"Chloe! Were you going to meet him out here on your own!? What if that ghost is working with the Edison group?!" I yelled.
"N-no I w-wasn't even going t-to come out unt-til you came d-down."
"Ok. Well I'm glad you were thinking for once. And I'm sorry for snapping." I tried to soften my glare.
"It's ok."
"Well now that we're out here, summon the ghost. But not too hard, just in case there's a body near by." I warned.
"I know Derek."
I watched as she closed her eyes and concentrated. I tried not to smirk. She was cute when she tried to concentrate. Then her eyes snapped open. I didn't hear anything, so it must have been the ghost.
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Love Hunter Ch. 4
When we got back to the house we all went to the dining room to explain what was going on to Matt and Julia. Kit started saying,
"So Matt, Julia, my name is Kit Bae, this is Lauren Fellows, Chloe Saunders, Derek Souza, Simon Bae, and Tori Enright." He said as he pointed to each of us.
"Hey I know you guys!" Matt said "You all escaped from a group home right?"
"Uhh ya" Simon replied.
"The reason we brought you two here is because you're both very special" aunt Lauren continued "Matt you're a shaman and Julia you're a-"
"Shape shifter, I know"
"How do you know?" Kit asked.
"I can already change. I know, it's really early. I looked it up after it happened and found out that I was like 4 years early."
"Ya. Hmm What did they do to you?" Kit muttered.
"What did who do to us?" Matt asked.
"Right we never finished explaining. Well the Edison group. They do experiments on supernaturals, such as yourselves. They experiment on how far they can push a supernaturals powers before the power bec
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Love Hunter Ch. 3
Hmmm I've never heard of Stillwater.  And Minnesota?  Wow. I wonder if there's any kids around here from the other projects. We drove down a dirt road. Wow, dirt. -.- We drove up to a fairly large house.
"Well, home sweet home" Kit said as he jumped out of the car.
"Where the hell are we?" Simon asked getting out.
"Stillwater, Minnesota" I replied.
We went inside to look around. There were 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. I was actually really nice. Me and Tori would share a room, Derek and Simon would share, Kit would get his own room, and so would aunt Lauren.
"Kids! Come downstairs! Lauren and I have something to tell you!" Kit called.
We all went downstairs and found Kit and aunt Lauren in the dining room sitting at the table. We sat down and a couple beats of silence passed.
"so what di you want to tell us?" Derek asked.
"Well" aunt Lauren began "we found siblings living here, they were part of one of the older pr
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Love Hunter Ch. 2
He grabbed my chin and said "I'm glad you're ok. You're getting better at this whole ghost thing you know."
"Yeah. Thanks." I didn't trust myself to say more than that. I really thought he was gonna kiss me. I had my hopes so high, and when he didn't kiss me my eyes started to burn with oncoming tears. I tried to blink them back but one escaped. Derek noticed. Of course he did.
"Hey. What's wrong?"
Damn! I said the first thing that came to mind. "Oh. I'm just thinking about my dad. I wish I could see him."
"Don't worry. We'll find a way."
So we started walking back.
When we got back to the motel we went to our rooms for the night.
God I wanted to kiss. I was going to, but then i clued in to reality. How could she ever like a guy like me? I've been a complete jerk to her!
After ranting in my head for about an hour last night I fell asleep. When I woke up I was really tired. Shit. I should've gone to sleep earlier.
I had to go get breakfast and meet everybody out front. I just decid
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Love Hunter Ch. 1
All I could see was red. Everything was covered in blood. I called for Derek. I ran around the corner and then I saw the most terrifying sight I had ever seen in my life.
There was Derek dead being held up by Royce! Derek was coverd in blood and had cuts and scrapes all over his body so I could tell he had put up a fight before Royce killed him.
"Royce!" I yelled.
"Yes little Necro?" he said calmly.
"What the hell did you do to him?!" I screamed.
"Well its kinda obvious what I did to him dont you think?"he chuckled.
That was it! I pushed him back to wherever he came from. When he was gone I ran over to Derek. My knees buckled under me and I fell to the ground sobbing. "I'm so so sorry" I whispered. "I love y-"
I woke up then, somebody was nocking on the bedroom door. I was only dreaming. Oh thank god! So I wiped away the tears I had cried while I was sleeping and answered the door. I had a pretty good guess who it was before I opened it. When the door opened there stood Derek all 6'3"
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those eyes by chlerek989 those eyes :iconchlerek989:chlerek989 0 3


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